Pralines and Cream Liqueur | Indulge in the Sweet Life with a Splash of Pralines & Cream

Drink Dessert

Indulge in the Sweet Life with a Splash of Pralines & Cream

Southernly Delicious

A decadent, velvety liqueur with the sweet taste of candy-coated pecans in every sip. Add a dash to hot coffee, a cool cocktail, or enjoy over ice – Pralines & Cream makes any special treat a rich, creamy escape.

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Meet the Ambassadors

Louisiana-based fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger Jennifer Palpallatoc Perrault of Haute Off The Rack is always following her inspiration. And she treats her followers to the latest trends, top destinations, and everyday tips for living the sweet life – like adding a splash of Pralines & Cream to your day!


Praline Martini

Everything you want in a delightful evening, no cocktail attire required.

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Pralines & Cream Porch Swing

Sweet, Southern charm that pairs best with a breeze.

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Pumpkin Spiced Pralines & Cream Delight

Feast your eyes on your new fireside favorite.

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Pralines & Cream White Russian

Timeless, meet delicious. The pleasure is all yours.

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Pralines & Cream Mudslide

Sink into some R&R with this couldn’t-be-simpler recipe.

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Coffee n’ Pralines & Cream

Indulge in the sweet, cozy taste of a timeless classic.

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